Nika's Home Vanilla Candles 4 Pack- Vanilla Bean, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Lavender, Black Raspberry & Vanilla

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  • Here at our cozy Massachusetts shop, our vanilla candles are selling faster than we can pour them! We've created a variety pack so you can try them all! Our scented candles are packaged with love so you can burn warm, inviting scents with room-filling fragrance all year long. Nika's Candles are always: 100% soy wax, long burning, made in the USA, and highly scented.
  • (1) VANILLA BEAN: Our vanilla candle is our #1 Best Seller. Bring HOME the pleasant and familiar sensation of a vanilla bean candle. It is a classic creamy vanilla scent with soft buttery notes.
  • (1) WARM VANILLA SUGAR: Bring HOME warm and cozy vanilla, delicate and soft white orchid, creamy and silky coconut topped off with sweet and sparkling sugar. A sweet, smell good for room fragrance. Makes a great kitchen candle.
  • (1) VANILLA LAVENDER: Bring HOME a most inviting ambiance that is calming and tranquil. It is floral and herbal from the fresh lavender and sweet from the vanilla bean. A lavender candle that adds a floral touch to a classic scent. A perfect addition to your lavender décor.
  • (1) BLACK RASPBERRY & VANILLA: Bring HOME a wild berry aroma humbled by mellow creamy vanilla. This scented candle is a duo of black raspberries and vanilla that is bright, not too sweet and aims to please. A subtle, romantic fragrance for any bedroom decor.