About us

Thank you for visiting us today!  We truly appreciate your visit whether you made a purchase or just spent some time perusing.  Every virtual "footprint" matters as we hope to spread and encourage the use of Soy Candles near and far. 

What started as a hobby in a 600 sq. foot apartment turned into a small business in 2014 with the encouragement of friends and family.  We only use 100% soy wax to make our candles and use a single wick made of natural fibers.  Each candle is hand poured and we make daily batches in a small shop in Massachusetts.  We have been making our candles for over 10 years and finally have decided to offer them online!   

We care about the environment and that of your home.  That is why all of our candles come in plain white soy wax in order to avoid using chemical based dyes so our candles are better for your home environment.  Our single wick burns evenly and all the way to the edges reducing the amount of wasted wax.  We also use high quality fragrance oils to ensure we can always provide you with a premium candle.  Did we mention soy wax is a natural and renewable resource?  Soy is better for your health.  Soy burns cleaner and produces as much as 90 percent less soot than paraffin, reducing the amount of indoor air pollution produced over the course of your meal.

We chose the mason jar because it is a perfect accompaniment to any rustic farmhouse decor but can also play nice with other decor preferences.  It is a classic and can be reused after the contents have burned away.  Stay tuned for helpful videos on how to remove the lingering wax and wick for reuse of the mason jar.  The glass jar is recyclable after use if you chose to discard.

"From our happy place to yours..." one candle at a time we can make a difference.  Enjoy!  We hope... If not, drop us a line and we are happy to resolve any concerns.  We are always happy to hear what you think of our candles too - both the good and the bad!  This helps us to ensure that we continue to improve our products and scent offerings over time.  Click here to reach us via email.